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Solve Disability Solutions

Solve Disability Solutions (formerly TADVIC) is a not-for-profit organisation that makes and modifies equipment for people with disabilities whose needs cannot be met commercially. The specific equipment needs of people with disabilities varies enormously. Solve Disability Solutions can assist where a custom-made solution is required.

Our therapists and volunteers work together to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities by increasing their independence and providing them with the opportunity to pursue their goals at home, school, work and at leisure.

With a metropolitan base, ten regional branches and over 160 active volunteers, Solve Disability Solutions completes over 650 projects throughout Victoria every year.

(Photo courtesy of Sunraysia Daily-Mildura,

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Kimberley's service dog travels in style

Volunteer Peter, made and attached a tray to Kimberley's wheelchair so her service dog can sit in front of her and warn her when she is about to have a seizure.

It's National Stroke Week!

Solve makes many devices to help people who have lost the use of one arm as a result of stroke. Devices like the camera mount made by volunteer Jon for Bruce's wheelchair that positions and holds his camera steady so he can take the photo one-handed.
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