All about Solve (Easy English)

What do we do at Solve?


Anthony and Adam      We help people with disabilities and seniors to do the things they want to do at home or at work.


      We also help children at school and at play time.


     Here are some links to more information about Solve in Easy English:


More information about Solve and how to ask for help

Information about your rights

Read our Client Guide

Information about how we protect your privacy


Do you want to see what we do?


We have lots of examples on this website of things we have done for other people.


Here is a link to see some of the things we have made for people 


What is Freedom Wheels?


Lily's turn to ride   


     We make special bikes which we call Freedom Wheels.


     The bikes have special parts so people who cannot walk can ride a bike.





Watch this video to find out about Freedom Wheels.



What is the NDIS?


Use this link to read more about the NDIS in Easy English.



Can I use my NDIS plan to get Solve's help?



IloveNDISSolve is an NDIS provider.


This means we can help you achieve something that is on your plan. 


 We can do this by making or changing equipment for you. 



Use this link to find out more about Solve and the NDIS 


What do Solve volunteers do?


Bill Dooley    

     Solve volunteers make the equipment that will help you to do the things you want to do.


     They might have to take your equipment away to fix it in their workshop.


     They will bring it back as soon as possible.



How much does it cost?


dollar sign    

     When we have helped you to decide what you want us to do, we will tell you how much our service will cost.


     We will wait until you tell us if you are happy to pay this cost before we start making your equipment. 


     If you are using your NDIS plan to pay for your equipment, then we will get paid by the NDIS.





What if I am not happy with Solve's service?


Use this link to find out what to do if you are not happy with Solve's service.