Frequently Asked Questions

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Contacting Us

Who should I contact if I have a service request or query?

You can contact us by:

  • Phone: Call our central office in Kew on 1300 663 243. We are open every weekday between 8.30am and 3.15pm. If you cannot call between these times, leave us your name and contact details and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
  • Online referral: Make an online request via this website.  Just click on the ‘Request a service’ button and fill in your details.
  • Email: Send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Fax: Fax us on 03 9853 8098

When will I hear back from Solve after lodging a request?

When you lodge a project request it will be assigned a project number and forwarded on to one of our Project Coordinators. We will send you out a Client Guide, which provides important details about our service, and the Project Coordinator will contact you within 2 weeks of receiving the request to conduct a complete phone assessment of your problem. (Urgent requests may have a quicker turnaround.) Click to download our Easy English Client Guide or Standard Client Guide.

What information will I need to provide?

We will need to get some personal and health information about you (or the person you are referring), in order to provide our service. For information about how we protect the privacy of the information you provide us, download our Easy English Privacy Statement or Standard Privacy Statement.

What kind of project is undertaken by Solve?

We provide solutions to equipment-related problems for people with disabilities, including the frail aged, where there is no commercial solution available. We modify existing projects to better suit individual needs. We do not make equipment that is available on the commercial market. 

What if there is a commercial solution that I don’t know about?

If you are unsure, register your project anyway. Providing advice about possible equipment solutions on the market is an important part of our service. If there is already a commercial solution, our therapists will probably know about it, or know where to find it. 

Are there any projects that Solve will not undertake?

Services cannot be provided when Solve does not have sufficient volunteer resources, skills or facilities, or if we cannot find a solution which is safe, legal or medically contraindicated. We will always endeavour to refer you to other services if we are unable to assist.

Follow this link to download an Easy English explanation of our service.

Project Commencement

How does Solve determine what work needs to be done?

Once your project has been assessed and accepted as a Solve project, it will be assigned to one or more of our technical volunteers to build. Before the volunteer commences work on the project, the Project Coordinator and volunteer will visit you to discuss with you what type of equipment solution you need. 

Where will the initial consultation take place?

Solve runs an outreach service, which means that rather than asking you to visit us, we come to you.  We try to visit you at the site where the equipment is to be used, such as at home, in your car, day centre, school or workplace.

Can I have other people present at consultations?

Yes. We understand that you may have other people supporting or assisting you, such as carers, therapists or family members. We just ask that you let us know who else will be attending.

How are projects prioritised?

Projects undertaken are prioritised in a number of ways including:

  1. The order in which requests are received;
  2. The client’s urgency of need, eg. Safety concerns, likelihood of increased pain or disability;
  3. Whether the client has a progressive neurological disorder;
  4. The availability of suitable volunteers.

Priority will be assessed on an individual basis taking into account all of the above factors. Priorities are not based on:

  • The means of the client to pay;
  • The type of disability;
  • The type of project to be allocated (ie. recreational, personal, mobility related etc.)

Where will my equipment be built or modified?

Once we have determined what needs to be done, our volunteer will complete the work in their own workshop. This may entail the volunteer taking your existing equipment away to work on it. If this is a problem, please let the volunteer and project coordinator know so that other arrangements can be made 

How long will my project take to complete?

The time a project takes to complete will vary depending on the complexity of the solution required. Solve will endeavour to provide you with your equipment solution as soon as possible, but this can take up to 4 to 6 months from the time of your initial consultation. The project coordinator will keep you regularly updated on the progress of your project and any reasons for delays. Please let the project coordinator know if you have any concerns about your project’s progress.

What if I have difficulty paying for Solve’s service?

If you have difficulty covering project costs let the project coordinator know so that options can be reviewed.  

During Your Project

Who do I contact if my requirements change during the project?

Many changes can occur while the project is underway that may have an impact on the work we are doing for you, such as your physical requirements, health, location or financial situation.  Contact your project coordinator as soon as you become aware of any changes so that we can continue to provide you with a solution that best fits your needs.

Can I contact the volunteer directly?

You will be provided with email and phone contact details for your project coordinator, who can contact the volunteer on your behalf if required. 

How will Solve keep in contact with me?

We will ask you for your contact details when the project is first registered, including your phone number, postal address and email address (if you have one). This is what we use to contact you. If you have any special contact conditions or if your contact details change, it is important to let us know as soon as possible.  

What happens if I no longer want to continue with the project?

We understand that there are many reasons for wanting to discontinue a project, such as physical, health, location or financial changes. You can cancel your project at any time. Please contact the project coordinator as soon as possible if you no longer wish to proceed with our service. If needed, our project coordinator can provide you with advice about other services that may be able to provide assistance. 

Project Completion

How will my completed piece of equipment be delivered to me?

When our volunteer has completed your equipment solution, they will either contact you directly, or via the project coordinator, to organise a time to deliver the equipment to you. 

Who will be present when the equipment is delivered?

This depends on the complexity of the equipment solution being delivered. If the solution is simple and straightforward, the volunteer may deliver it on their own without the project coordinator being present. For more complex projects, the project coordinator will also attend.  We understand that you may have other people that you wish to be present at equipment delivery, such as carers, therapists or family members. Please let us know who else will be attending.

What if my completed piece of equipment does not meet my needs?

Occasionally, the equipment solution we provide may not meet your needs. Please let us know as soon as possible if this is the case. We may be able to make further adjustments to improve its suitability or investigate possible alternatives. Your feedback is important as it helps us to improve our service.

Providing Solve with Feedback

What opportunities will I have to provide feedback about Solve’s service?

You can contact us at any time on 1300 663 243 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to provide feedback about your particular project or our service. Within 2 weeks of your equipment being delivered, our project coordinator will contact you or your referring agent to ensure it is meeting your needs.  This is followed up by a Client Feedback Survey form sent to you 3 months after your project is completed. 

What if I am not happy with Solve’s service?

We welcome your compliments, suggestion and complaints. Feedback helps us improve our service by identifying when we are getting things right, or when we need to do better. 

How do I make a complaint about Solve’s service?

Contact Solve on 1300 663 243 or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make your complaint. We take all complaints seriously and will endeavor to fix the problem as soon as possible. We are happy to receive feedback made on your behalf by another person, such as a family member or advocate.

Follow this link to download an Easy English version of our complaints procedure

What if I am not happy with the way Solve is dealing with my complaint?

You can contact the Disability Services Commissioner to make a complaint on 1800 677 342 or 1300 728 187