A milestone moment for Austin

"Bye Mum, see you later!" Just a few little words, but a milestone moment for Austin, who has muscular dystrophy. Austin's Freedom Wheels bike, specially customised by our team to meet his physical abilities, has given him a wondrous sense of independence and confidence. His mum, Kathleen, wrote to Solve to let us know how much Austin's new bike means to him.

"Thank you so much for Austin's new bike! He really loves it, he feels so grown up and special. Sometimes it seems like he forgets about the person pushing him. He'll yell out 'follow me!' to the other people riding bikes, and 'Bye Mum! See you later!' even though I'm right behind him. He must feel so independent. Thank you also for squeezing us in for the final fitting so he could have his bike in time for his birthday last week. It was very special and 'typical' for him to get a bike for his fourth birthday. He was especially excited that it is red, his favourite colour! "

Austin with his mum

Page updated: 11 May 2017