Freedom Wheels Regional Clinics

The Freedom Wheels Modified Bike Program has been rolling across regional Victoria. Our latest journeys to Ballarat and Bendigo have delivered 10 children with modified bike assessments getting them one step closer to having their very own bike. And thanks to the generosity of Allen’s Philanthropy, we were able to offer these assessments free of charge.

Our Freedom Wheels champion Ryan couldn't wait to get riding, and eagerly insisted we have a go at riding outside. He was also not shy about picking the bike he wanted and telling why he was so excited to ride stating, "I just want to ride a bike like everyone else." He even taught our Occupational Therapist, Melissa how to 'dab'.

Assistive technologies like a modified bike gives children and adults a chance to safely ride a bike, often for the first time. Riding a bike offers individuals an opportunity to be active, engage with their peers, access their community and participate in activities, enhancing a better quality of life.

Research has proven physical activity contributes to individual mental, physical and social wellbeing - the social determinants of good health.

 Bendigo Clinic


Page updated: 23 January 2019