Welcome Dr Lisa Chaffey

We welcome Dr Lisa Chaffey to the Solve Board. Lisa, an occupational therapist, is an experienced and accomplished leader across the fields of disability community development, occupational therapy, and sport. Lisa has demonstrated skills in risk management, stakeholder engagement, service design, curriculum and research design and operational delivery. She has taken her lifelong experience of being a wheelchair user, and created learning opportunities for health professional students and people with disabilities throughout the Australia Oceania region.


Lisa recently wrote this article introducing herself to the Solve Volunteers:

I am delighted to be newly appointed to the Solve board, and I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself. I first heard of Solve (then TadVic) when I was 12 years old, in the 1980’s. An occupational therapist (OT) linked me to Solve to have hand controls fitted to my sewing machine. It was great, and it allowed me to make many “unusual” fashion choices in that decade!

I bring a unique perspective to the Solve board as both a wheelchair user and an occupational therapist. This combination has been invaluable in my roles in the DHHS Human Research Ethics Committee and as a member of the OT advisory committees for Swinburne and Monash Universities. I am sure both perspectives will be useful in the Solve board too.

Although I don’t have the technical skills of the Solve volunteers, I have had a bit of experience in creating assistive devices. I volunteered in East Timor and Fiji to run sport and life-skills programs for wheelchair users. At times, we had to create solutions from what we could find, including the time I had to use an upturned fruit crate as a shower seat! (Fortunately, we sanded it first.) Although that product was basic, it illustrated the skill involved in identifying an issue, thinking through a solution, and creating a final product.

Another area of my work that I am sure will contribute to the Solve board is my research experience. During my OT career, I completed a Clinical Doctorate and worked in several research positions. I would like to utilise these skills by identifying potential research areas in conjunction with the Solve board, staff and members.

Page updated: 01 February 2019