Solve's Innovation Space!

Collier Charitable Fund are helping Solve to become leaders in innovation! With their support in 2018, we employed an engineer to investigate new technologies and develop partnerships with RMIT and Swinburne Universities. Throughout the year Solve worked with students majoring in design and bio-engineering. The students worked in teams  with our clients and with Solve volunteer mentors to optimise solutions applying the latest research, methodologies and collaborative approaches for best outcomes. Through these teams, young students were able to learn some real-life skills from our older volunteers, while our volunteers certainly learnt a lot about the cutting edge technologies that students work with these days. The resulting Assistive Technology solutions demonstrated the exciting possibilities that technologies such as 3D Printing, Eye Gaze Technology and Robotics bring to Solve.

Recognising the shared value of these partnerships, Collier are now funding stage 2 of this Innovation Project. We look forward to providing people with disabilities new and exciting opportunities in the future through the use of new leading edge technologies, and the shared skills of young and older engineers.    

Page updated: 23 January 2019