A comfortable learning environment

A lightweight portable workstation with two separately adjustable work surfaces, fits around client’s body and supports his arms, enabling him to sit and study with his mother.

perspex tray for kindergarted

A transparent, adjustable easel that sits on the kindergarten table, brings activities close enough for client to access but still enables him to see the other children around him.

Ventilator mount for PhD student

A ventilator tray that attaches to the back of his wheelchair, and a mounting device that strengthens and positions the breathing tube and mouthpiece more comfortably, enables client to stay at university for the long periods of time it takes to conduct his PhD study and research.

Sewing machine guard

A removable needle guard that fits onto a number of different sewing machines at school stops the client’s right hand straying into the path of the needle, enabling her to  study a textile subject.