Wine tipper for home entertaining

A customised wine tipper enables client with poor hand control to independently pour herself and her friends a glass of wine.

Wheelie bin trailer

Attachment for the back of a client’s scooter that enables the client to tow his wheelie bin independently.

Customised sleepwear

One-piece pyjamas which have several layers of security, including internal drawstrings and a secure closure at the top of the zip to ensure a child with autism spectrum disorder is not able to remove them during the night.

Raised shower transfer bench

The legs of an existing shower bench were extended and the bench strengthened enough to safely accommodate client’s height and weight.

Mixing bowl tipper

A customised, locking bowl tipper that holds the mixing bowl at the correct angle over the cake tin so that a woman with the use of only one arm can scrape out the batter using her left hand.