Lily’s turn to ride

Lily has severe cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair but with the addition of our customised Freedom Wheels attachments, is now able to sit and ride her own customised bike with the rest of her family.

Riding together

Marco, and his little brother Lucas, really wanted to ride together. On his Freedom Wheels bike, with modified pedals and our customised outriggers for stability, Marco no longer has to settle for walking alongside Lucas. According to their parents, “Lucas is ever so thankful because as a sibling he and Marco can now do things together. The smiles on their faces are priceless.”

A bike with crutch holders

After Alesia outgrew her special tricycle, her parents wanted to rekindle her interest in cycling with a Freedom Wheels bike. Solve added some crutch holders to her new bike so she can ride to school rather than being pushed in her wheelchair. “Everybody in school loves her new bike,” say her parents. “It has really boosted her independence and self-esteem.”

An adult bike and outriggers for Rhys

Rhys, who has an intellectual disability and low muscle tone, wanted to ride independently at school, home and on holidays.

When 12 year old Rhys attended a Freedom Wheels clinic, he was already the height and weight of an adult. After assessing his abilities, our Freedom Wheels therapist recommended an adult-sized low ‘step-through’ bike with Solve adult outriggers, which provide greater stability for Rhys than commercial options.