Seat for Discus and Shot-put

A light and portable chair that meets all the strict requirements of his sport, enabled client with cerebral palsy to compete in the seated discus and shotput at the Australian Junior Athletics Championships and later at the Rio Paralympics 2016.

Mini golf putting arm

A swinging putting arm that slides onto a mount on his wheelchair and is controlled by a button switch on his headrest enables client with no movement below the neck as the result of a spinal cord injury, to enjoy a game of mini golf with friends. 

Modified ski pole

Enabling a client born without the lower part of his left arm to cross-country ski, by customising a ski pole that straps to his forearm and is strong enough to stay attached when he plants the pole, but releases quickly and safely when he falls. 

Modified creeper for car maintenance

A rolling mechanic’s ‘creeper’ was modified by adding flip-up grab handles, a tool tray, extra padding, an extended foot rest and wheel locks to enable a client with a spinal cord injury to assist his son with car maintenance.

Camera modified for left-handed operation

A handle was attached to the left side of a camera which has enables a man with the use of only his left hand to reach the zoom and flash buttons, while a cable release device enables him to operate the camera shutter.