Freedom Wheels Ambassador: Dr. Bridie O’Donnell

Dr. Bridie O’Donnell became the Freedom Wheels Ambassador in 2013. She currently works as a Medical Doctor at the Epworth HealthCheck and the Epworth Breast Service.

She is an elite road cyclist and former professional rider in Europe and the US. In January 2016, Bridie became the world record holder for riding 46.882 kilometres in 60 minutes — 609 metres further than the previous record.

Bridie is a sports and medical commentator on TV, radio and newsprint, frequently appearing on The Project as the Medical Expert and does a weekly AFL injury report on SEN radio in Melbourne.

She is an expert on behaviour change and motivational interviewing to assist management of health, chronic disease, weight loss and diet.

Bridie is also manager of an elite women's cycling team and skills coach of beginner cyclists.

Page updated: 10 February 2017