What is Freedom Wheels?

Freedom Wheels custom builds bikes to meet people’s individual needs. Solve’s highly skilled and innovative team of therapists, engineers and volunteers modify standard bikes using a range of specially designed support components. These components, including a wide range of outrigger wheels, hand, foot and upper body supports, are made to be detachable to allow transport and storage of the bikes.

The customisation process begins with an individual assessment of each child to identify the bike, components and modifications suited to their age, height, weight, type of disability and physical and cognitive abilities.  This assessment process is carried out by a Solve Disability Solutions Occupational Therapist, supported by Solve technical volunteers and occurs during bike clinics conducted regularly at Solve Central Office in Melbourne and regional centres around Victoria.  Input from the carers and therapists (or health care professionals) form an important part of the assessment process.

Once the individual needs of the child are assessed, the team of Freedom Wheels technical volunteers build the bike and fit the individually prescribed and measured supportive components. When the bike is built, the child and their carers return to Solve to trial it and have final adjustments made.  The bike is then available to take home. 

For detailed information about how to include a Freedom Wheels bicycle into your NDIS plan, and obtain funding approval by the NDIA planners, download our Information pack for people living with a disability, their parents, carers, advocates, clinicians and NDIS service providers , and read about how Luke's family funded his Freedom Wheels bike through the NDIS.

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You can either request a service online or call Solve on 1300 663 243.

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Freedom Wheels is proudly supported by Chain Reaction (Ultimate Corporate Bike Challenge).

Page updated: 26 April 2019