Examples & Testimonials

Freedom Wheels gabeA cool bike for Gabe!

For seven year old Gabe, born with no forearms and very short upper arms due  to a rare genetic condition, being able to ride a bike for the first time was a big moment.

Gabe is a young boy who knows his own mind. Having inspected the assessment bikes at his first Freedom Wheels Clinic, he decided the racy 16 inch Trek  was his favourite.  The biggest challenge for the Freedom Wheels Team was to come up with a way for Gabe, with his shortened limbs , to hold on, balance and steer the bike. As well as adding outrigger wheels and a larger pommel seat to help Gabe balance, the team extended the handlebars to bring them within his reach. Gabe leans his upper body on the handlebars for support and to help him steer.

Gabe had very strong ideas about how his new bike should look so he persuaded the Freedom Wheels volunteers to paint his outrigger wheels black to match the bike. The finished bike looked very cool!

Getting a bike that looks just like the ones his friends ride was a dream come true for Gabe.

Page updated: 19 September 2016