Volunteer Profiles

Adam - Metropolitan Branch

AdamAdam has a background in Computer Science and currently works as an Electrician. In his job he designs/programs control systems for large backup generators in buildings such as hospitals and data centers. His skills include electronics design/manufacture, computer programming, metal/plastics/woodwork and textiles. Being a volunteer for Solve appeals to Adam because the position involves problem solving and product design. For Adam, the challenge of making a custom device that helps another is fun and rewarding.

"Volunteering has been more enjoyable than I expected. One memorable moment for me was the unveiling of an iPad mount that was required to be stronger and more robust than anything commercially available. After installing it, the young boy wrestled with the device. Luckily it was able to withstand this extreme test. I was glad I had used tough materials and sturdy construction techniques!”

Page updated: 16 May 2017