Volunteer Profiles

Philippa - Metropolitan Branch

PhilippaPhilippa joined Solve Disability Solutions in 1999, bringing with her, sewing and craft skills. Philippa had worked as an Occupational Therapist until starting a family.

Philippa loves the challenge that Solve Disability Solutions projects present. They have varied from constructing a jolly jumper harness to designing customised pyjamas to making jaunty bandanna bibs for students with cerebral palsy.

To begin with, she likes to get as many details as possible about the client's request but keeps an open mind because after meeting the client, may find something quite different is required. She visits clients with a few props, designs and fabrics to demonstrate. She likes to make her items aesthetically pleasing for the client and is conscientious in finding appealing patterns for children's items, while selecting colours to suit the tastes of older clients.

Page updated: 16 May 2017